SR ottoman 1 cover

Seating and base upholstered in fabric or leather with brass ring.

Diam. 120 cm x Ht 40 cm
Modèle 120
20 option(s)
  • Leather S-Blanc
    Leather S-Blanc
  • Leather S-Brique
    Leather S-Brique
  • Leather S-Chestnut
    Leather S-Chestnut
  • Leather S-Coal
    Leather S-Coal
  • Leather S-Gunmetal
    Leather S-Gunmetal
  • Leather S-Henne
    Leather S-Henne
  • Leather S-Mocha
    Leather S-Mocha
  • Leather S-Moka
    Leather S-Moka
  • Leather S-Noir
    Leather S-Noir
  • Leather T-Blanc
    Leather T-Blanc
  • Leather T-Brique
    Leather T-Brique
  • Leather T-Chestnut
    Leather T-Chestnut
  • Leather T-Coal
    Leather T-Coal
  • Leather T-Gunmetal
    Leather T-Gunmetal
  • Leather T-Henne
    Leather T-Henne
  • Leather T-Mocha
    Leather T-Mocha
  • Leather T-Muscade
    Leather T-Muscade
  • Leather T-Noir
    Leather T-Noir
  • S-Muscade
  • Fabric to be selected
    Fabric to be selected
1 option(s)
  • Brushed brass
    Brushed brass
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